GPS tracks

Twyne has the ability to incorporate GPS tracks as collected by various tracking devices and apps. These tracks can make it easier geolocate Posts.

The tracks will be shown to site admins (only) as blue dots on the maps. Not all points will be shown (because especially when zoomed out, there will likely be many thousands), but a random selection, to give an estimate of routes.


Overland is a mobile app that’s available for Android and iOS, and while enabled will keep a log of everywhere the phone goes (even when either the phone or the Twyne server is offline). Track points will be periodically sent to Twyne.

To configure: after installing the app go to Settings and enter a new password in the ‘Overland key’ field. This same password then needs to be entered in Overland as part of the ‘Receiver Endpoint’ URL. For example, if Twyne is installed at and you set an Overland key of 23P945B86N23 then the end point should be: